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Who Is Umbilicum ?
Our mission is to help your business do better!
Who We are ?
We are champions of modern learning methods, providing customized L&D solutions to organizations worldwide.
We are exceptionally great at driving performance improvement for organizations, using our outcome-oriented learning frameworks.
Are you looking for Learning & Development consultants who can give measurable results? We are it!
Umbilicum Advantage
You are unique! Your business has its own specific needs, concerns and challenges. You must learn, improve and grow. Umbilicum helps!
The world around your business is changing at an overwhelming pace. You don’t want to be outrun. You must learn flexibility, resilience and adaptability. Umbilicum helps!
Business doesn’t slow down for you to learn. Like a coach, we run beside you; integrating our services into the flow of your business at your pace. Umbilicum helps!
Umbilicum doesn’t do everything - we do what matters most to your business. And we do it best. Umbilicum helps!
Learning is like jazz - it is very technical, yet it is all about improvisation. Umbilicum believes in process, but we improvise to adapt our 'process' to your needs. Umbilicum helps!
How your people think and behave will decide how you grow. Umbilicum targets behaviour change to drive your business towards the goals you set. Umbilicum helps!
Beyond Business
Umbilicum believes that we owe a debt to the society. And this is our Social Responsibility. Business can grow only when the community around it thrives. Our CSR activities take the Umbilicum method beyond business. We work with the community in consonance with our core values - inspiration, innovation & integrity.
Start-up Bootcamp
Beyond the Glass Ceiling
We work with start-ups to train entrepreneurs and start-up teams in the essential skillset needed to run a fledgling business. Our pro bono efforts will create a community of highly skilled workforce that values learning and development
Umbilicum prides itself in being led by an all women core team. We work with women in corporate organizations, even entrepreneurs, to understand and identify opportunities and challenges specific to them in their work environments. We then lend a hand, as partners, in helping them chart their own learning and development path.